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We love what we do, and help you solve problems in the marketing, digital, PR and communications world.

What is your biggest problem within your business? Give us a call – we can help you solve it.

We build brands online by focusing on the end user experience.  It’s our passion to work with you on the problems that you are facing, and find the right solutions and  to bring your ideas to life. We get our hands dirty with start ups, entrepreneurs, global businesses and crazy big thinkers. Code Name Max™ is not geographically challenged, our bench is strong, deep and virtual with global pop up offices wherever you need us to be. We pride ourselves on having our fingers on the pulse, zigging when the others are zagging, giving you access to the best solution professionals, strategists, creative heads, designers, developers and community managers we can get our hands on. The team at Code Name Max make sure that your brand is looked after seamlessly!

Let’s take your personal brand, brand or product to the next level. Leveraging the power of traditional marketing and advertising, digital, public relations brand experience, social media and content networks we teach, track, drive and massage your brand through this new communications maze.  Working with us, we will challenge the way things are done and identify ways to improve and strengthen your communications world.

Our passion is to think, build, brand, socialize, create, support, teach, organise, connect and recommend. 

Together we look at your digital world, work with you to choose the right channels (website, corporate blog, facebook page, twitter, pinterest etc), then mentor you to use your channels, collaborate to engage, identify digital advocates that will champion the communications. Create and develop content plans that you can achieve and stick to, help resource your digital team inhouse or use our resources to increase your inhouse support and compliment your team. Then support you execute and maintain it, analyse and optimise it.

Our philosophy is built on creativity, solid strategy, commitment and consistency.