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For My Petz

Two Melbourne guys who have launched the coolest pet shop in town!  Always being asked by friends where they got this and that for their pets they quickly realised that they had the eye for finding the right shiny pretty and practical things that people really wanted that didn't come out of a bulk or mass market store. So they decided to open the coolest niche pet store in the world. The guys source and scour the internet so you don't have to, and make sure you are looking after and treating your pets to the best things around town. Like the infamous Cat Wheel and iFetch.

For My Petz is Australian owned and operated business bringing you the most unique and premium quality pet products from Australia and around the globe .

Our Pet Family.

  • Roger is our 8 year old Ragdoll Cat. A very fussy eater.  A healthy cat considering he doesn't eat that much at all.  He is very noisy when I get home from work and demands a lot of attention.
  • Wilco is our 4 year old Domestic Short Hair cat.  A friend of ours found him trapped and wedged between a fence and iron sheeting.  He was brought to us to look after overnight, then another night and so on, and never thought he would make it as he was in a bad way. Well, that was 4 years ago, and he is a beast.
  • Billie is our 9+ year old Staffie from Staffie Rescue.  She was a dog without a home.  You would hardly know she is around.  She is very quiet and very independent.  Loves nothing more than just being with you in the garden, or sunning herself and can often be found lying on her back to get the sun on her stomach.  She suffered separation anxiety when we first rescued her but she has certainly settled down.

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