Top 3 things I can’t live without

By the thinker | March 2, 2017

The hot button question I am always asked – what social or digital tools can you not live without. This is a hard one because I use so many things for various projects and we are always looking for the new thing to make life easier. 1. Evernote – This is where I digitally BuJo…


By the thinker | March 2, 2017

Sometimes in wordpress we forget how to do the simplest of things like how to make a blog post sticky to the front page… if you have forgotten, or never knew you could –  just head over to right, in the Publish box, down to Visibility, click on edit and click stick this post to…

40 Productivity Tips

By the thinker | March 1, 2017

This is cool and pretty smack bang on. Enjoy.