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Being part of Code Name Max is not a job there is no 9-5 Monday to Friday, it’s who we are, it’s a lifestyle. We have an awesome team of people that we have sourced over the past 20+ years. We have worked on over 450 projects and we are passionate about our clients, special projects, collaborations, mentoring and changing the world one micro-action at a time.

We get the job done. On time. On Budget… and have an awesome time doing it.

We like to ask a lot of  WHY questions, before we start to talk about the how.


Our solutions agency works hand in hand to help our clients focus on the customer or end user experience. Our passion to work with you on the problems that you are facing, and find the right solutions then bring your ideas to life is our focus. We like to get our hands dirty with special projects, entrepreneurs, global businesses and crazy big thinkers.

Don’t Ask how Communications and Social Media can work for you. Ask – What do your customers expect from you?

It’s our job to make you look like a rockstar.

Our passion is to think, build, brand, socialise, create, support, teach, organise, connect and recommend.

With expertise in UX and brand building, online and off – advertising, social media, marketing, public relations, events, e-commerce and more – our approach builds awareness, traffic and drives our client’s voice forward.

We pride ourselves on having our fingers on the pulse, breaking rules daily, joining the dots, corrupting categories and giving you access to the best solution professionals, strategists, creative heads, designers, developers and community managers we can get our hands on. Code Name Max™ make sure that you are always being looked after.

But we don’t just work with the traditional brands or client model, we believe that to do new world order work, you need to have new world order models and solutions, so we have looked into our crystal ball and know that the future assets will also revolve around great people and influence so let us apply our big brand thinking to you and take your personal brand to the next level as well. We identify, teach, track, drive and guide your personal brand through the communications maze.

Working with us, we will challenge the way things are done and identify ways to improve and strengthen your engagement and connections. Let’s get the foundations and the strategy right, choose the right channels, curate amazing content, then collaborate to engage, identify talent and advocates that will champion your communications, help resource your digital team in-house or use our resources to increase your in-house support and compliment your existing team. When we have done that, then we can make some serious magic happen.

Platforms Change. People Don’t. We always put the humans smack bang in the center of your strategy.

Winning is connecting not selling.

Our philosophy is built on winning the long game using creativity, solid strategy, commitment and consistency, while having a really good time.