It takes a year. Full Stop

When we start a digital campaign, the first question is always how long will it take to work, how long for the results, what’s the expected speed on our return… Because we have created such a “instantaneous and fast” expecting world these days, it’s now the expectation that it is if you add water and stir or just post something and bang you will be the next Facebook or ASOS.  The world will come and buy, be at your feet, but this is NOT how it works. If you build it yes, they will come, but there is a lot of work involved to be that “overnight success” that people see.

To create a truly a great sold community, loyalty, customers that return time and time again and successful digital and social media system takes everything that you know in the analogue world, and digital world, combine it and the magic number is ONE year to truly have a strong ongoing impact that you see results and success time after time. We have tested it, mapped it, researched it, and applied it to our own projects and many a client. This doesn’t apply of course to running a short campaign, but if you have done the work in the year and then run the short campaign you ROI will kill it more than when you are a newbie on the relationship scene.  Investing in this time is investing in your future and future proofing your brand for customers and support for your project, brand, personal brand etc etc…

Unless you have shitloads of cash to throw at your digital concept and use both online and offline and just be where everyone can’t ignore you, but then you truly don’t know if you have just bought everyone to fly your way for a second and then they go away until you throw more cash in their face or you have created a loyal following of customers that will buy no matter what the status of your cash throwing, but since we started over social 10 years ago now, I have seen the magic happen.

When you follow and run the turn key system for a year it is bloody hard work, but it’s also awesome, fun, challenging, creative and you can truly make the magic happen! Most of the time you get so frustrated and want to give up and sometimes you feel you are just throwing stuff out into the world with no-one even taking notice, but they do and it’s crazy but magically this ONE year turns over and everything seems to click into place.

I have seen it with my own eyes and clients are just like OMG that really did happen. If you are in the brand game (and if you already have a loyal following it may be shorter, but still you have to do the work), Start Up especially clients and Personal Branding clients that have trusted us and stuck by the model and seen the results and now all being called “overnight successes” which we always kick back and have a giggle about!

Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t have succeess and sales and all those wonderful things along the way doing that year, I mean in a year this is where you see growth, loyalty, stability and  really the social media magic.

The best way to think of it is like this…it’s exactly like a new friendship or relationship – I have always believed that relationships of any kind say they mirror how you treat them, finish then how you start them, hard and fast, most likely you are going to have a rocking time and then crash and burn, too slow and boring…well we know what happens there, yawn and out. But a nice getting to know you period, hanging out, some times you hang out more, some times less, you learn about each other and build a strong foundation of enjoying each others company and trust and then boom, you have this awesome friendship or relationship with create solid foundations to have something great and you are doing cool stuff, going away on trips, having adventures and the like you now have a relationship and being social.

All relationships and great social media takes time. But when you invest and work on that good solid and exciting relationship it is awesome! Now, you need to do this on a scale so, one to many, and I promise if  you do, you will have an awesome loyal, loving purchasing community and fan base. But it doesn’t stop here, you have to keep going everyday to make it work! Just like in relationship in real life. Commitment, consistency, quality, creativity and most of all effort.

I think we forget to quickly that there is an actual person at the end of the keyboard ALWAYS, you need to engage, communicate and respect them all the time to make this work. But most of all, we forget to be social with them.

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