Running a business with boobs

This is a great article by Jesse Genet who runs one of my favourite packaging businesses @Lumi. She has never written about women (kinda like me) or for International Women’s Day about women running businesses. But this article she has decided to get it all out is just an amazing read – here are the clip notes…

Running a business with boobs: the things I never say

1. Don’t invite me to your event and admit it’s because you want women there.

2. Don’t ask me if me if my dad helped me draft a document.

3. Don’t demean me while asking for a job.

4. Don’t act surprised that I am the CEO.

5. Don’t question my level of ambition.

…and I LOVE her ending because what all the men forget is that we love the dudes and working with then, we just wish and don’t understand why they can’t and won’t give us the same respect back!

Added Note: For anyone concerned about penis-shaming please note that I think penises are great (I favor those attached to people I already like). For anyone concerned that this neglects trans individuals, please note how I used language around the baby portion up top to allude to the fact that a baby might choose to be whatever gender it identifies with.

I respect penises and trans folk. I also respect my own sense of humor enough not to make rash edits to this article, which I hope you can respect.

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