The Mahabis Story

*Ok this went on a little longer than I was planning, but I think it is important to finally get out. Better out than in they say!

The non stop ringing in my ears for 10 years and still from clients is “Does Social Media really work”,  “How do you know it’s working?”, “How many posts should I put on Facebook – is one a week enough”, “It takes up too much time”,  “I posted and I didn’t get a sale today it’s not working”, “We don’t have enough likes on our Facebook/Instagram post”, “This is a big waste of time”, “I will just hire an 20 year old to do it and be done with it”, “I am just going to buy one of those cheap outsourced packages for $150 a month and set and forget” and on and on and on…. #fail and for those early adopters #WhaleFail

Well – Arrrrgrgrgrrgrg is always what is under my breath and you can alway see the are you kidding me eye roll – through my smile, I mean are we really still having this conversation in 2017, when social is literally the eyes to your brand and business and you are going to leave that huge responsibility with just “someone”. I mean COME ON… would you leave your bank account open just to a random person or just leave your house unlocked and open for anyone to have a crack at it, NO.  Have you not used Telstra 24/7 chat, or stalked and checked out products, people, freaked out because one person said something bad, I mean FFS people lose it if there is one negative comment on social media but we are still arguing about if it’s a viable communication method.  So I am just going all no filter here and say get with the program, get in the game and as you learn’t to email, text, face time and whatever else you use digitally in your day to day life get on board, stop complaining about it, and when the powers decide to make “budget cuts” to the “digital and social media department” it’s now time to go all Dead Poets Society, Oh Captain my Captain moment….you have NFI what you are doing.

No matter what you call it or want to box it… Social media is something that is not negotiable and really needs to be nurtured more than anything else, not put in the hands of an inexperienced someone who just knows how to use a smartphone. I mean hell yeah put the most diverse team on it – young, old, middle, race, religion, the chicks, the dudes, the LGBTI, and every other someone (if I have not mentioned you I am sorry – I love you all)  because that will make your social media cool. But who actually edits, loves and cares for the messages that you send out into the world needs to be a protector of your digital world – they need to be a special person. I mean you can get totally screwed online in about 3 seconds if your not careful and if you are a start up or a small to medium business especially this can hurt.

Social Media is not optional anymore, so get over it, and your social doesn’t have to be complex. Simple yet not simplistic, focussed but well rounded, give the whole picture of the brand and who you are, have a personality, be fun and most of all make your content good and enjoyable. Oh yeah don’t just talk about yourself either – because that just makes you boring and well, a bit up yourself really! You tell me one person that you like IRL that when all they do is talk about themselves that you want to hang out with. Hmmm none.

So this is where I can 100% back myself when I say to you 95% of Marketing Managers and the like in these areas have no idea about or how to use and understand how Marketing and Digital Strategy/Social Media works in 2017.  No idea. I will probably get totally reemed out for this – but it’s true, and here is why.

Me and my Mahabis!

About 12 months ago I found these cool shoes online, the Mahabis. Now these are not a cheap shoe, they are a slipper and a shoe and they come all the way from Great Britain so you want them to be right and the right fit if you order them, I am not one for retuning things, lazy that way so I take my time making sure purchases are correct. The design is super cool, no one else had them here which I love, and everyone knows I always need me some sneaker style footwear! So I kept looking at them and looking but uming in erring on buying them but just something stopped me from pressing  that buy button.

With the magic of retargeting ads, Facebook, eDMs and a combination of other things  the Mahabis shoe came up in my Facebook Feed everyday, email every other day with shiny pretty images of a lifestyle that I wanted and practically stalked me around everywhere until I could refuse no longer. About 3 months later I completely relented because do I really need another pair of shoes – you always need another new pair, and BOOM I pressed the buy button +addtocart and purchased 2 pairs of the most expensive ones and away we go.

From that day I have had over 30 people comment on the shoes and how cool they were, a lot of Surgeons, Dr’s, hospitality and the like – how they have seen them online and were thinking about buying them, but not sure and also have had at least 5 friends purchase after I got mine as well.

So when you are asking about does social media work. well YES. BUT that is not the moral of the story here and why Marketing Managers don’t know what they are doing.

Marketing Managers and I use that title loosely, are stuck and working old school, they  keep trying to stuff information into reports, analysis, numbers, guarantees, and all the things that you do in old school marketing that don’t apply here anymore.

Interacting is different, shopping is different, consuming information is different, I don’t feel like I need to “like” every post and I would never “like” an ad – so trying to measure those numbers are just ridiculous and are not giving any insight, and I also don’t have the wand that tells you what is the insight this is the problem and people like to deal in fact and social well just isn’t that.  All I know is that there is a lot of money being thrown around and wasted on analysis which is all bullshit and crap that is going to lead you no where, where the money should be spent making good stuff.

But this is what I do know.  There are a huge and I mean millions and millions of people who are vouyers in the space and not engagers, Sephora did a huge study on their “vouyer customers” and were gobsmacked and changed the completely the way they did things – just because the people (and yes there are actual people at the end of the computer that uses Facebook and Instagram etc etc)  don’t engage or press something doesn’t mean they are not watching, actually liking and consuming the information.

For the lack of a better word social media is like air now, you just have to be in it. Good content is the only way to win and you just have to learn how to create it. Stalking does works. Repetition Works.  No matter how much money and “strategy” you throw at shitty content people still see it as shitty content and most likely will be turned off your brand or product. You can’t judge the success of social by the numbers alone and also there are so many fake numbers (trust me – we see you) as a brand or an agency are being taken for a ride because those that are playing the numbers are just playing to your old school metrics to keep you happy not actually create something amazing.

Other factors, there are loads of choice out there, and people do like to take time making a purchasing decisions, let them, woo them, date them, they will eventually come around if they like you, you just have to get them over the line. So I don’t have a crystal ball answer to all this – but I did buy the shoes, so stop questioning digital, internet, social, Facebook and the like and just get in it and do some good stuff and engage your community, fan base and customers. If your product is good and your content is good….you will win the game.

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