We’re Back, Fresh and Ready to Rumble

When we opened the door of Code Name Max 10 years ago there were some business strategies I had in play and I can’t believe they have not changed, there are some new additions (of course life has gone by 10 years, and it’s dramatically changed).  Maybe that has been the secret sauce to staying open so long and surviving has been the fact I am a little crazy or believe in these things – but we love our company and we hope you love working with us as well.

So over the Christmas break we all got together and decided we were stagnant, resting on what we were doing and what we had and it was time to shake it up Taylor Swift style, re-energised, come up with new strategies to try out and offerings that you the client actually need now in the next 5 years, not what you think you need now. So we can future proof your company to be at the front of the pack.

I love a bit of a rebrand, a new website and a new challenges, so we are back, we are fresh, we are pumped and our new clients and projects are GOLD.

So …hold on, get in touch and if you think we are are a good fit for you let’s make some magic and get ready to rumble.  Don’t you think it’s time to make that project rock the house, and have so much fun while doing it?

Oh and what are these mantras and philosophies that we speak of? Here you are… so do you think we are your tribe? I think so.

  1. Never to have an office, I always hated going to work. If you have a laptop and the things your need you can work from anywhere. Everyone is different so if you create your space you do your best work in that’s where it should be. Also, you can fly a team in and out of anywhere. A team meeting in Hawaii ain’t a bad idea now is it.
  2. Always keep your team hungry and lean. Use external wicked external suppliers because they see more, hear more, and experience more of what is going on out there in the world.
  3. Pay your team what they are worth and make sure they are doing the job they actually like.
  4. Let your team do what they do well and on their time schedule as long as they hit the client deadlines and the clients are happy, I don’t care how it gets there.
  5. Be as transparent and honest as possible. Sometimes I know my “filter” is not turned on, but it’s better than never getting the the point. We can take it if you don’t like our work, we just go back and make something better that you do love.
  6. You have to go home and love your brand, project or whatever it is we make for you, make sure you do. We walk away and go onto the next job. We want you to love what we do.
  7. If you wouldn’t put it on a t-shirt or cap and wear it, it’s not cool enough.
  8. 9-5 is dead. Full Stop.
  9. Work with the best, no matter where they come from in the world. If you can’t find them – hire someone to find them for you – we use the experts at Kada Recruiting.
  10. Always be 10 steps ahead of the game even if people think you are crazy. They will catch up.
  11. Be open to anything and everything. Opportunities are always found in the strangest locations.
  12. Help clients solve problems, not just be give them “tick box” solutions because it’s easy.
  13. Charge clients fairly and Clients should pay on time and not negotiate fair pay for great work. I don’t go into a restaurant eat it, then decide to either not pay or negotiate the price of said steak and pay for it 90 days later. Think about it.
  14. Don’t ever be locked into one service offering, always be ready to shake and move, and move way before you think you have to.
  15. Always be ready for your clients to move on, and that is OK. It’s more important to keep your reputation in tact and a good relationship than the work.
  16. Spend 50% of our time learning in the USA and 50% of my time in Australia.
  17. Be as diverse as possible. Because people from everywhere are really god dam interesting and inspiring.
  18. Have clients you love, if your client calls and you don’t want to pick up the phone, you should not be working together.
  19. Always give more, Always be passionate.
  20. Clients can smell desperation for money. They really can so be chill.
  21. Be prepared to walk away if it doesn’t feel right.
  22. Sometimes you win, Sometimes you just have to get the work done.
  23. Keep your eye on the prize, stay focussed, overload leads to a meltdown.
  24. Keep the circle tight. Better to give great service to a smaller amount of clients, than have a long list of clients and skate around the edges and make shit work.
  25. Know when enough is, on many fronts. Money, Work, Life, Sleep, Drinks.
  26. Don’t work with assholes, dickheads or dictators.
  27. Always be having fun.


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