We pride ourselves on being futurists and we predicted 10 years ago that businesses would need all these new and crazy social media and digital things to survive the day to day online world like it's breathing. It was way back when they called me the "twitter girl" I knew we were ahead of our time and it was going to be an interesting road ahead.

So we focused on being a solutions agency, you have a problem, we solve it.  We crafted and created tools, systems and protocols in our company, taken all the risks first before bringing them to you so you can be confident, empowered to enjoy your digital success, and we are still doing it. We are just seeing new gaps in the market to what you need now for the next 10 years.

We practice all this daily and have reached huge successes for our clients, so if you need any of these services locally or globally, just get in touch. We are here to help your brand, project, company, start up, idea, personal brand, blog, product concept be the best it can be for the next 10 years.

Our model is book us for an hour chat, or hire us on your next project. We keep it simple yet not simplistic.  Sometimes you just want to shoot the shit with someone and think things through without the commitment - other times you might want us to take the whole problem off your hands and solve it. We can do all of the above (and more).

Most Marketing Managers in 2017 have no idea how to market in 2017 and onwards. This is a fact and why we are here to help you in a new, easy, simplistic way to make sure you win and not left hanging out to dry or way behind and have to catch up too late.


Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Foundation Planning and Strategy, Integration Models, Research


WordPress Websites, Custom Builds, eCommerce Solutions, Communities, Subscriptions, Custom Blogs, Apps, Social Media Apps, Email Marketing.


Big Brands, Small Brands, Start Up Brands, Personal Brands, Development, Product, Projects and more....


Social Strategy, Platform Management, Social Media Management, Connections, Community Engement, Content Creation and Management


Design and Development of overall look and feel of your project, Content Creation, Visual graphics, Graphic Design, Brand Design and Development, Imagery, Photography, Video Production, MultiMedia, Podcasts, Live Video, Apps


Community Management, Business Consulting, "Cone of Silence" Support, Trusted Advisors.


Social Media for Boards and CEO's, Beginner to Advanced Digital and Social Media training, WordPress Training, Blogging and Content training, Editorial Training, Digital Brand Experiences, Personal Branding Strategy and Training.


Experiences, Events, Conferences


Bloggers, PR Companies, Media, Collaboration Partners, Influencers, Networks. Real People that can help you with your business not just digital ones.