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Because We Can

Because We Can is a new "Share Space" we don't really know what to call it because it doesn't have a category yet. We are forging ahead making a new one. We love to back our own ideas to make sure that when we apply our new strategies and ideas we have spent our own money, we have tried and tested our concepts and walk the walk so we are your trusted advisor and you know we have done it and not risking the biscuit on your business.

The "Because We Can" concept has been floating around and being quietly developed on the down low for about 3 years when we saw the bubble start being blow up in the blogger market and new that we had to make something new and fresh but the time was never quite right to launch until now.

Blogging is over. Done. If you are investing in bloggers you are working in old marketing methods and to be quite honest they are boring all they do is talk about themselves, photographing their feet a lot, not really care about how you can create great content - it's just quantity content and going to another opening nights that really doesn't tell me much.

At Because We Can we are aiming ourselves at 30/35+ year old that just like to be in the know and ahead of the game - leading a free and nomadic style single/couples really that have money to spend and enjoy really good personal content.

We share what we love,  we scour the world, you can not pay for play, we will consider paid collaborations and fun promotions if they fit with with our culture and team. We love pretty shiny things!  Our current intel team is in Melbourne, Sydney, LA, San Fran, Atlanta, St Tropez, NZ and NYC and growing from my awesome connections over the past 10 or so years being in the digital space here and in the USA

It’s a space that is organically growing daily - we are not really sure where it will end up that will really be decided on how the audience and our community respond to it and the content and what we do…. We want a small tight community, we are after quality in our readers not quantity. It's like having heaps of cool people to go out to coffee with all the time but online. We are not serious, we are just cool to hang out with.
Currently we are in beta getting our ducks in a row, and planning to fully launch in April 2017 with amazing collaborations, great content, contests, our personal project #projectnotebook, a VIP membership Concierge Service and a small and hand picked luxe shop of shiny pretty things that you will want to +addtocart. Because We Can will be your first stop in the morning and last stop at night to make sure you are in the know with what's interesting, cool, hot, dorky, need to know, travel, eating, lifestyle, opinion, long form, short form and more for the day.
We socially support The KIT Foundation.

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