There is no such thing as working 9-5 any more….the world runs 24/7 so you can expect that business can still be done after 5pm most days. One of the biggest game changers is the internet and how it has become everyone’s easy go to to solve a problem. Most people use google for most things…not sure on the answer for something “JGI – just google it!”

Being a small business owner and receiving queries at all times of the day can be challenging and can contribute to you working all sorts of ungodly hours. We have some time saving tips when it comes to your businesses online presence so you don’t have to physically answer everything straight away…

<strong>A functional website:</strong> Having a very easy to navigate, well presented website can make so much difference when having your own business. Ensure all relevant information is on your website and a contact us form is there so potential customers can make initial contact with you and you can get back to them when possible. Contact <a href=””><strong>Code Name Max</strong></a> to chat about how you can make your website more functional and well presented.

<strong>Chat Bot:</strong> Now this is very cool. It automatically opens up and starts chatting to the potential customer. A Chat Bot can even help answer questions for potential clients without any interference from you. Consider a chat bot a valued employee of your business, they do the hard work when you are not there! Chat to <a href=””><strong>Code Name Max</strong></a> about how you can add a chat bot to your website here.

<strong>Messenger automatically coming up on Facebook when viewing the page:</strong> This makes you feel like you are talking to someone when you are a customer looking at a business on Facebook. Keeping all chat options open on Facebook makes your business seem more approachable.

<strong>Well written, interesting Blog:</strong> People underestimate the value of a well written blog on a website. Blogs are a great way of communicating what you have been doing in your business or things you highly recommend. It adds personality to your brand and makes people feel like they know you before chatting directly to you. Your blog is also fantastic for your SEO, if you write about a range of things you could be noticed by potential clients for that very reason when searching for you on google. Chat to <a href=””><strong>Code Name Max</strong></a> about adding a blog to your website.

<strong>Testimonials:</strong> These are especially important to have if your business is more a service offering than a product offering. Having multiple testimonials on your website can be the very reason you get an query from a potential client as they may have done their research very late at night (which makes it hard to speak to people). Code Name Max can help you add testimonials to your website, <a href=””><strong>enquire here.</strong></a>



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