Stop Using DIY Website Builders

OK so you need a new website but you just don’t have the budget to invest in a professional website. You look in to trying out a website builder such as Wix or Weeble because they advertise it is to be easy and cheap. STOP RIGHT THERE…read our reasons why you should leave it to the professionals (aka us)…

  • MISSED OPPORTUNITIES – Why? Because you won’t have the right SEO (Search Engine Optmisation which is what people use to look up a business via google) to be noticed by potential customers which results in many missed opportunities. Let’s say that your website was performing well and averaged one job per week that is worth $200 per week. Times that job by 52 weeks at 52 x $200 and that equals $10,400 in which your business is losing each year purely because your website is not noticed.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) – DIY website builders make everything simple for the creator. The site may look OK but the problem with that is that the coding used to create these websites is confusing to google and as a result, you will not be noticed by potential customers as google simply cannot make sense of your content. At Code Name Max we follow the Google guidelines for SEO to build a website. Not only will the site look good, but it will function how it should when people search for your business in google.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – It might be easy to build a website but the question is, will it look professional and importantly, will it perform and promote your business the way you want it to? We see having an attractive and functional website as another employee within your business, one that works very hard for you in your day to day operations. Perception is everything in today’s world and having a professional looking website is a vital ingredient to winning new business and standing out against your competitors.
  • TIME SAVING – Building a website is time consuming. Even when using a website builder, it can take a lot of your precious time for a result you may not be 100% happy with when complete. You need to consider how much your time is actually worth. In our opinion, you are better off focusing your time and energy on running your business. We will work with you to create your website and involve you at all critical points so you still feel very involved in how the end product (your website) looks.
  • SITE MANAGEMENT – If you build a website using a website builder, you have to host your website with them on their server. If you use the free option then it could include their name in the domain address and if you attach it to your own domain you have to pay a hosting fee on top of that. The problem with that is that you are locked in to a system that you have absolutely no control over and over time, could cost you a small fortune to manage it. At Code Name Max we are happy to work with your preferred host and put your site there once it it is completed. That way you have the control to sit your site where you want it to, not be dictated to.
  • OWNERSHIP – this is one of the biggest advantages of having a site professionally built by Code Name Max. On completion, we will hand the site over to you. You will own the content, the data, the plug ins and so on. This allows you to make the changes you want to your content, promotions, images etc after it is complete so your site remains fresh, fun and most importantly, up to date.
  • USER FRIENDLY – This is a big plus when having your own website. When you create your own website using a website builder, it is very hard to make changes to your pages and content and ultimately, you are stuck with the way it is. Here at Code Name Max we use a CMS (Content Management System) which is easy to use. Plus, we offer tutorials on how to update your website once it is completed. We also offer Care Packages in which we not only help you keep your website looking fresh and up to date but we also make sure it is secure and has the most recent software so your website runs to its full potential. Enquire about our Care Packages here.

Now, hopefully you see that you get far better value (and a far better website more importantly) using a professional to build your website. So what are you waiting for? Contact Matt or Shannon at Code Name Max today to get your Website and Digital Marketing looking amazing. We can tailor packages to suit most budgets.

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