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How to operate your business 24/7

There is no such thing as working 9-5 any more….the world runs 24/7 so you can expect that business can still be done after 5pm most days. One of the biggest game changers is the internet and how it has become everyone’s easy go to to solve a problem. Most people use google for most things…not sure on the answer for something “JGI – just google it!”

Being a small business owner and receiving queries at all times of the day can be challenging and can contribute to you working all sorts of ungodly hours. We have some time saving tips when it comes to your businesses online presence so you don’t have to physically answer everything straight away…

A functional website: Having a very easy to navigate, well presented website can make so much difference when having your own business. Ensure all relevant information is on your website and a contact us form is there so potential customers can make initial contact with you and you can get back to them when possible.

Chat Bot: Now this is very cool. It automatically opens up and starts chatting to the potential customer. A Chat Bot can even help answer questions for potential clients without any interference from you. Consider a chat bot a valued employee of your business, they do the hard work when you are not there!

Messenger automatically coming up on Facebook when viewing the page: This makes you feel like you are talking to someone when you are a customer looking at a business on Facebook. Keeping all chat options open on Facebook makes your business seem more approachable.

Well written, interesting Blog: People underestimate the value of a well written blog on a website. Blogs are a great way of communicating what you have been doing in your business or things you highly recommend. It adds personality to your brand and makes people feel like they know you before chatting directly to you. Your blog is also fantastic for your SEO, if you write about a range of things you could be noticed by potential clients for that very reason when searching for you on google.

Testimonials: These are especially important to have if your business is more a service offering than a product offering. Having multiple testimonials on your website can be the very reason you get an query from a potential client as they may have done their research very late at night (which makes it hard to speak to people).

Contact Code Name Max to chat about how you can make your website more functional and well presented.

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New Facebook Watch

THIS IS EXCITING…Facebook has introduced a new platform called Watch which is a new platform for shows. Watch will be available on mobile, on desktop and laptop and in tv apps. Shows are made up of episodes – live or recorded which will follow a theme or storyline. And the best part…there is a Watchlist which not only saves you time when looking for your favourite shows but also alerts you of a new episode so you never miss a show!

Facebook states “Watch will be personalised to help you discover new shows and will have sections like “Most Talked About,” which highlights shows that spark conversation, “What’s Making People Laugh,” which includes shows where many people have used the Haha emoji reaction, and “What Friends Are Watching,” which helps you connect with friends about shows they too are following.”

Another interesting part of Watch that brings the community together is the ability to see who else is watching that particular show and see peoples comments about shows. Hell you can even be a part of a dedicated Facebook group for that particular show. We have a feeling that reality shows like The Bachelor will poll well with these new capabilities!!

A Platform for Shows
Not only is Watch fantastic for the end user but it has it’s major advantages for businesses and people trying to build their personal brands. On the other spectrum, creators and publishers can use Watch to find an audience, build a community of fans, and simply earn money for their work. Facebook listed a number of types of shows that can be successful by using Watch, particularly:

Shows that engage fans and community. Nas Daily publishes a daily show where he makes videos together with his fans from around the world. The Watchlist makes it easy for fans to catch every day’s new episode.</li>
Live shows that connect directly with fans. Gabby Bernstein, a New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker, and life coach, uses a combination of recorded and live episodes to connect with her fans and answer questions in real time.
Shows that follow a narrative arc or have a consistent theme. Tastemade’s Kitchen Little is a funny show about kids who watch a how-to video of a recipe, then instruct professional chefs on how to make it. Each episode features a new child, a new chef, and a new recipe. Unsurprisingly, the food doesn’t always turn out as expected.
Live events that bring communities together. Major League Baseball is broadcasting a game a week on Facebook, enabling people to watch live baseball while connecting with friends and fellow fans on the platform.</li>

Facebook is introducing Watch to a limited group of people in the US and plan to bring the experience to more people worldwide very soon. Stay tuned for more info!

Mobile Marketing tips

Of the 24 Million people in Australia, it is predicted that 17.5 million of them own smartphones. It seems that everywhere you go, people are on their phones looking at Facebook, Instagram or a favourite news app to keep up with whats happening in the world. Most people simply can’t go without looking at their smartphone for more than an hour these days.
That is why you must advertise your business so it is very friendly to the mobile user. If you don’t, chances are you competitors will do so and take your customers away from you.

Here are some tips on how you should go about this…

1. Make your site mobile friendly
It is well known that people are purchasing more on their mobiles. That is exactly why you should ensure your business has a mobile friendly website. This means using a theme that shows the menus and content of your website in a mobile friendly way. One way to ensure this is the case is to test the presentation of your website on many mobile devices not only yourself but particularly with people who are not familiar with your website to ensure it is user friendly and mobile friendly.

2. Create mobile friendly content

Ensure your headlines are shorter and more persuasive when promoting on mobile devices. This will ensure people open up the content immediately rather than wait and forget about it. Another thing to remember is optimize for search engines. When optimizing content for mobile readership, you must use specific keywords that users are familiar with.

3. Get local with Google business
Ensure your business is advertised on Google My Business. This ensures both mobile and desktop users can find your business more easily.

4. Use text message (SMS) marketing
58% of smartphone users check their phones at least every hour. These people keep their phones handy and are ready to use their phone to find information. Text messaging is easily tracked, you can see who opens your message and what links they clicked. Text messaging also encourages interaction between you and your customers. Mobile marketing is fast, last minute campaigns work particularly well in this form of marketing. And the best part, you can add a personal touch to your sms marketing.

5. Make your site navigable
Having a site that is easily navigated on your mobile phone is a way to increase your conversion rates. Areas like your menu, footer bar and call to action buttons have to be easily seen on mobile device to ensure you are meeting this criteria. Remember the key to achieving this is to test, test and test.

6. Add a personal touch

Personalize your marketing so you talk with people not to people. You need to connect at a personal level, relate to your customers needs and you will discover that many people have these needs/problems so you can tailor your personal marketing to suit these customers. Sharing stories and using photos/videos can prompt people to act when they see them. Another fun thing to do is to create a character that will help your brand stand out in the crowd.

7. Create QR codes for quick access
Take mobile marketing to the next level by using QR codes for quick access. QR codes store a lot of data and can be transmitted digitally and quickly. We like QR Code Generator to generate QR codes for FREE.

9. Encourage social engagement

Bloggers and content marketers must consistently distribute content on Facebook and Instagram to encourage engagement with customers. Engage with your customers, don’t just tell them things about you. Take the time to find out what they need and want.

10. Develop apps for mobile
Mobile apps are developed for smart phones, tablets & any other handheld devices. You can download them from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Having an app can help create leads and sales for your business. There are some sites where you can build your apps with step by step guidance (such as or you can hire a designer to do it for you. Hire a mobile app designer at, Toptal,

11. Enable real time tracking for apps
Real time tracking is a very important step when marketing on mobiles. Some companies that can help you with your tracking are and . Heat Maps are a great way of showing you what is working with your marketing and identify areas you can improve on.

12. Use multi channel campaigns
A combination of all marketing channels should be used to market to potential customers. We live a very multi channel lifestyle so your marketing needs to match.

Facebook algorithm changes

Are you finding Facebook’s algorithm changes frustrating for your business? These handy tips are definitely worth a read to try and combat these changes so more people see your posts…

How to survive Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

#1 – Ad Targeting: Communicate to the Crossover

Facebooks targeting options for audiences are very specific. You can specify demographics, online behaviours and interests. One thing you can do to get that extra creative edge is to link your standard targeting with an unrelated interest – think of something that is a hot topic on the news or a hot TV show that has had a new series added to it on Netflix. This not only talks to your target audience but also achieves a crossover that is on trend, capturing new leads within that crossover.

How can you achieve this:
Brainstorm opportunities for interest crossover
Explore FB targeting options to find viable audience crossover
For example, layer in one of your new ‘crossover interests’ into the Facebook target audience tool and evaluate the size of the target audience you create.

#2 – Find & Boost Your Star (high performing) ads
Your ad and its content has to be very engaging to get the best value from it. The better the ad the less you pay to serve it. Our advice is to experiment with lots of different kinds of content and campaigns to identify the star ads versus the dud ads (non performers). By doing this you can ensure you put funds behind the star ads and stop pushing the dud ads.

How can you achieve this:
Produce and try out lots of different campaigns
Measure user engagement rates to identify the star ads versus the dud ads. Pause dud (non performing) campaigns and stop producing those types of ads
Find the star ads and boost them

#3 – The Star Ad Slush Fund Method: Be Stingy then Spend Big

Be reactive to how your campaigns are going and identify the star ad to put all of your funds behind to promote that particular campaign. Turn off all dud ads. By doing this you can get 30-50 x more value out of your ad spend than had you distributed amongst several different campaigns.

How can you achieve this:
Set the benchmarks: What are the average impressions/ likes/ shares for your organic posts?
Check in every few days – weekly at the most to track your posts’ performance and identify the top performing ads
Once you determine a star ad, increase your funds for promoting it

#4 – Make Messenger a Part of Your Marketing Toolbox

It has been proven that more people are checking their messenger apps than they are checking their Facebook News Feeds. There are more monthly active users on messenger apps than there are on Facebook. Yet only 1 percent of businesses can automatically engage with customers via messaging.

You can easily broadcast messages via Facebook Messenger to anyone who has already messaged your Facebook Business Page. You can use this function to deliver content like blog posts, webinars, or news about your business. Think of it like an email service provider right inside Facebook.

How can you achieve this:
Make it easy for your audience to opt into your Facebook Messenger broadcasts by:
Attaching auto-responders to your Facebook posts (respond to people who comment) – could be used to deliver content (for example; leave a message and we’ll send you the PDF)
Add a Facebook Messenger opt-in button to all website contact forms for visitors to opt into messenger updates (checkbox plugin)
Linking to your chatbot (a good one to check out is Mobile Monkey) to invite your audience to opt-in via your website or an email
Install Facebook chat on your website
Try out a Facebook ad with a ‘Send to Messenger’ call to action that allows visitors to instantly opt into your messenger marketing
Sign up for MobileMonkey (it’s free) to begin using these tactics.

#5 – Use stylish Link Previews for Sharing (Open Graph)

Open graph is how you control the display of your link previews (for landing pages, blog posts, and website pages) when you post them to Facebook. You can set the title, image, and descriptive text that will appear when you cut and paste the link into both posts and comments. By specifying your open graph, you can achieve ad-quality presentation even in your organic (free) posts.

How can you achieve this:
Use an Open Graph wizard to set your open graph description
Find a WordPress plugin to set your open graph descriptions on blog posts (we like Rocket Link)

#6 – Add Captions for Silent Video Watchers

Facebook automatically auto-plays your video in mute as people scroll by within their newsfeeds. So, rather than miming out your message or allowing your content to be lost entirely – simply add captions to all your video content.

How can you achieve this:
Add captions to your video content
Edit video in Facebook’s business manager, select ‘edit video’ and upload or auto-generate captions.
Ensure you’ve got eye-catching content to ensure you capture your intended audience.

#7 – Have multiple options – Use Google Tag Manager

When you advertise on Facebook you’re on a rented channel and could – theoretically – be kicked out or closed down at any time if you don’t adhere to Facebook policies.

That’s why it’s so important that you spread your funds cleverly when advertising on Facebook so you have the ability to chop and change your content and your audiences when you please. Use Google Tag Manager to better segment and dynamically update your audiences.

How can you achieve this:
Diversify your remarketing opportunities
Include multiple pixels in Google Tags Manager
(Facebook pixel, Facebook pixel with event codes, Google Analytics, Adwords remarketing, email tracking code)
Each can be triggered on specific URLs in your marketing
Use Google Display Network (GDN) remarketing

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